Cross Country Workouts Begin!

Updated: May 9, 2019

Beginners - M/T/Th - Easy 3 miles or 30 mins

                   Wed - Easy 4 miles or 40 mins

                   Friday - 5K (Jackson Station at 4:00 PM)

                   Saturday - Easy 4 mile or 40 mins

Experienced - M/T - Easy 4 miles

                       Wed - Easy 5 miles

                       Th - Easy 3

                       Friday - 5K (Jackson Station at 4:00 PM)

                       Saturday - Easy 5-6 miles

Keep in mind. If you need to do intervals (run/walk) to get your mileage in, that's fine.  The goal right now is to build up to the ability to run 30 mins without having to walk.  The 5K on Friday is a chance for me to get baselines on everyone, so if you can not make the 4PM run at Jackson Station Pavilion, no problem simply run a 5K (3.1 miles) on your own and email me your time.  I'll use this time to determine what paces you'll need to run during workouts starting next week.  Easy means you should be able to converse with someone running with you without gasping for breath.  It's much easier to run with someone else, so if you live close to a teammate, I encourage you to talk with them and workout a running schedule together if you can.  I'm still looking at options for either an app to track our runs with or to do a Group me for communication about runs.  I want everyone to be able to see each others progress and to offer encouragement this summer to help us all stay accountable to each other.  Remember success in the Fall is built on your summer effort.  If you put the time in this summer, you will be amazed at the change come September and October.  Also, remember we have the party at the Durfield's this Saturday starting at 3PM- until, and the remaining awards will be passed out around 6 that evening.  Hope to see you then.  I will also have an exciting announcement for the team during the awards, so come find out what's ahead for our team.

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